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Risk Tolerance

Your risk tolerance is your ability or willingness to endure declines in the value of your investments while you wait for them to return a profit. Some investors find it easy to ignore market fluctuations and to focus on their long-term investing goals. Others become anxious when their portfolio declines in value by even a small percentage. Your emotions play a significant role in how you allocate your investment assets.

Consider how you would react to a 'bear market', where the value of a share investment declined by 20 per cent or 25 per cent over an extended period of time.

Keep in mind:

  • over the past four decades, 'bear markets' have occurred, on average, about once every five years; and
  • during October 1987, the Australian share market dropped by 42.1% and in the first half of 1994, the Australian bond market dropped by 6.4%.

If the possibility of such a loss would keep you awake at night, you might choose a relatively conservative asset mix. However, in doing so, you run the risk that inflation will erode a greater percentage of your returns.

Keep in mind, too, that all investments - even 'safe' choices like bank accounts or cash funds - are subject to some type of risk.

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