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Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential to providing you peace of mind that your family will be secure if something happens to you. If you have assets, whether it is a house, business or superannuation, you should consider estate planning.

More than simply making a Will, estate planning means arranging your assets so the people you want to take care of, receive the financial support they need, when it's most needed.

It ensures that the right funds end up in the right hands, at the right time. A good estate plan should:

  • Be easy to administer
  • Be affordable
  • Allow you to enjoy your assets and income now, and preserve assets and income for your family after you die
  • Be reviewed regularly.

Why do I need an estate plan?

By engaging professionals, such as financial planners and solicitors, you can find out how to make the most of your assets that are passed to your loved ones after you die. These professionals can also provide you with the costs and benefits of a particular estate planning structure or strategy.

Some instances where estate planning could be useful to you are:

  • You want to pass on a family business.
  • You want to consider a tax-effective superannuation payout.
  • You want to make a gift to a charity.
  • You have capital losses.
  • You have property with some capital gains tax.
  • You have life insurance.
  • Where there are family debts.
  • You want flexibility in distributing your assets

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